Dumpster Companies Say Yes to Prop 80

Laws and regulations have long been crippling the way that local dumpster rental companies have been able to operate throughout the country. From the way they are forced to drop the dumpster bins off, to the way they are forced to compete with the monster dumpster rental companies, local usually family owned companies have been at a huge disadvantage when it comes to renting dumpster to their customers. In many places in the country, especially in Southern California and Northern California, the big dumpster rental corporations have been able to make deals with the government so that customers are forced to rent dumpsters from only a short list of companies. This is not fair to the local citizens and it's not fair to the local dumpster rental companies who are being forced out by not being given the opportunity to compete for their business. You can check out more information at ProDumpsterRental.com, the top dumpster rental company in the United States.

Say yes to Proposition 80 for two main reasons. The first is to help local companies compete with the big corporations. Local municipalities sometimes give only a couple dumpster rental companies licenses to do business within their city limits. They licenses almost always go to the bigger companies who have money and power to buy these licenses. These licenses give these companies the ability to work on city contracts and to drop off the dumpsters and leave them on city streets. Without these permits, the small local companies aren't able to get these big contracts and aren't able to drop their dumpsters on the city streets, which makes it almost impossible to do business.

The other reason to say yes to Proposition 80 is because this will allow for a free market that benefits its customers as well as the local dumpster companies. With more companies to choose from, prices will drop for consumers. The big corporations will no longer be able to collude and set pricing at whatever set range they want. They will be forced to either lower there pricing or lose business to the local dumpster companies due to pricing. Please do your local community a favor and vote Yes on Proposition 80!!